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The Doe Network:
Case File 236UFDEU

Reconstruction of Victim

Unidentified Caucasian Female

Vital Statistics

Case History
On February 28 in 1994, at 2 p.m. this unidentified female was washed ashore in the Rhine river near Oestrich-Winkel. Due to extremely cold water temperatures and air temperatures below zero, it could not be exactly determined how long the deceased had been in the water. According to post-mortem findings she is thought to have been in the water for more than three weeks.
She was placed in a travel garment bag made of black leather or imitation leather. The bag was closed with a zipper and had a handle as well as a hook for hanging up. A black linen diver´s belt (mass-produced article from the company ScubaPro), connected with two self-casted lead weights, was placed around the bag near the hip. On the belt is a series of blue "S" - letters. Same letter is also on the belt´s silver-colored tin buckle.
The deceased was in a crouching position. An electrical connecting lead/cable was loosely wrapped around the knees so that they were completely bent. Also found in the bag were a brass perfume bottle of 6 centimetres height with screw thread with no stopper (promotional gift of the French perfume producer Fragonard) as well as a handcherchief that was tied up to a pouch and filled with plant remains ("lavender bag").
Investigation has ruled the cause of death as homicide. The victim possibly was a woman from an Eastern European country which lived or spent some time in the West.
A facial reconstruction was done in July 2001 to find out what the victim might have looked like. For information leading to a positive identification of the victim and to the capture of the offender(s), the district attorney´s office in Wiesbaden has offered a reward.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Police headquarters Westhessen
Kriminaldirektion K 10/ SG 11

Bundeskriminalamt Wiesbaden
0049-611/55 13101

Source Information: BKA

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