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The Doe Network:
Case File 274UFAUT

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Pictures of Unidentified Woman

Unidentified Caucasian Female

Vital Statistics

  • Estimated age: 45 years old
  • Approximate Height and Weight: 163 cm (5'3")
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Curly brown hair of medium length worn with side parting. Well-groomed appearance.
  • Dentals: N/A
  • Clothing: Black trousers, size 42 (medium), black turtleneck jumper, brown lace-up ankle boots (size 38), beige quilted anorak of medium length (size large)
  • Possessions: Woman´s Gucci watch with golden body, black face and a black leather watchstrap.
    Brown plastic sunglasses, label Blumarin.
    A gold imitation brooch, label Monet.
    A pair of hoop earrings, diameter about 4 cm (1,56 inches).
    An ivory ring.
    An amber chain of 60 cm length (23 inches).
    A brown comb and a black kohl pencil, label Helena Rubinstein.
  • Other: She is believed to have lived for a longer period in Italy or in an Enlish-speaking country. She speaks mainly English but also Italian, French and a little bit of German.

Case History
On September 30, 1999 at around 10 p.m., an unidentified woman was located in Untergaisbach. She seemed to be in a state of confusion and was not able to provide any information regarding her identity.
Police investigation has led to some information where the woman had spent the previous hours. On September 29, at approximately 10.30 she got on the Intercity train number 546 at the train station in Melk. She did not have a ticket. The guard allowed her to get off the train at 11.46 p.m. in Linz which obviously was the lady´s destination.
The guard later stated that the woman was sitting alone in her compartment and that she did not have any luggage with her. The woman is thought to have spent the night somewhere in Linz. The next day she was found at the train station in Untergaisbach. How she got there remains unknown.
The unidentified woman is suffering from some mental disease, possibly Alzheimer's. She is currently treated in a hospital in Linz.

If you have any information about this case please contact:
Bundesministerium für Inneres
+43 1 24836-85026

You may remain anonymous when submitting information.

Source Information:
Bundesministerium für Inneres

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